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Molly & Michael | Beavertail State Park Engagement Session

Boy am I excited to share these with you.

We’ve been to Beavertail before and almost all the time, I hope and pray before the session that the couple is adventurous enough to know what I’m about to ask them to do. Beavertail isn’t just any run off the mill type of park, it’s rocky, wavy, and pretty dangerous at times but boy, the results are incredible. Molly & Michael braved the BRISK winds after a rainy weekend and we’re not only adventurous but they were EXCITED and up for the challenge. They even braved it down a STEEP cliff into a little beach cove where we got some pretty incredible photographs. If these two are just as much on their wedding day as they were for our Lovebird Session, I am SO excited to photograph their big day.

Meet: Molly & Michael

Allie & Dan | Narragansett RI Elopement

When we get contacted to photograph an elopement, we get so excited. It combines all the things we love about a wedding in a more intimate setting with just a handful of the couple’s closest family and friends. While we’ve only done a couple of these, they’re turning out to be some of our favorites to photograph.

Allie & Dan’s love story is remarkable. They met while in León, Nicaragua in early 2014. . Allie was staying on a friend’s couch in a house where Dan sometimes used the refrigerator (it’s a long story). Soon after meeting, they began finding any opportunity to see each other. Both spending their days volunteering, they passed weekends traveling on hot, crowded buses to meet up at the beach, climb volcanoes, cycle on dirt roads, and talk for hours over tostones con queso.

Three short months after meeting, they parted ways in Nicaragua, not sure of what the future held but certain they would remain in one another’s lives. While Allie finished university in Boston and Dan pursued his qualifications in rock climbing in England, little by little they met each other’s worlds through visits with family and loved ones. It wasn’t all tearful Skype calls, though of those there were some — they continued to find adventures wherever life took them, whether to the southwest coast of England, Boston’s culture-clashing Freedom Trail, or the highest peak in the rainforests of Rwanda. 

After two years of long distance, they found that new and more long-term opportunities in Nicaragua were calling them back to the place where they first met. Dan set to work starting a sustainable adventure tour company and photography business, and Allie worked for a cooperative loan fund.

But most importantly, they were able to start a life and build a community together. Over those two years they welcomed family and friends to visit our home in León, and made so many more. They decided to spend the rest of our lives together after taking a look into their future and agreeing that they couldn’t imagine it any other way but learning and growing by each others’ sides. 

Allie & Dan tied the knot at a local park in Narragansett, RI. Although it was POURING out, they braved the weather and made it such an incredibly fun time. Nothing stopped these two. They ditched the umbrellas and even took a dip in the pool. We are SO HONORED to have captured their love story and this next chapter in their lives.

Meet: Allie & Dan

Loryn & Ricky | Engagement Photography

When an old friend of mine Lindsay, contacted me about gifting a Lovebird session to her sister who recently got engaged, I was so excited. I photographed Lindsay back early in my "photography career" when we were both in high school. She was one of my first ever senior portraits. Till this day it's still on her Facebook (which is so fun for me to look back on). If Loryn is anything like her sister, she'd be so fun to photograph and boy did we have a great time! 

Loryn & Ricky live up in Deerfield, MA. A place that holds a special spot in my heart since I went to school next to Deerfield. The Berkshires and western MA are an absolute perfect backdrop for any occasion, especially an engagement session. We took photos with their amazing pup, then braved Mt. Sugarloaf,  and then ended the session the same way we end every session in the summer, with ice cream (I know, right?!). We had a blast together and I'm so happy with how these turned out. Clearly Loryn & Ricky are absolutely in love. I hope you all enjoy this little sneak peak into their session together. 



We're Engaged!

After almost a year of planning, I can finally say that Jenn & I are engaged.

For some of our couples, friends and family you know that this has been a long time coming. Jenn and I have known each other from high school and have been dating for the past 5 years. 3 of those years were long distance as Jenn was finishing up her biology degree in Texas. After graduating, she moved up to Rhode Island and made the commitment to live with me. Just after Jenn and I started dating I felt like I knew this woman my entire life. She helped me through some tough times, she encouraged me when I needed it most and she’s always been there for me…even when we weren’t dating. Right away I knew she was the one. I just had to wait for the right time.

May 3, 2018

Ryan_Jenn (18).jpg

After about 6 months of planning our trip to Barcelona & Paris, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to propose. Who can say they’ve gotten engaged in Paris before? After hearing dozens of engagement stories I had to be unique, and not overly clique. Jenn and I both love to travel and I couldn’t have thought of a better place to propose than Europe. We’ve both always wanted to go but never had the chance to. This was our chance, and this was my chance to propose. Paris was the original plan but it didn’t end up working out.

We started our trip in Barcelona, we spent 1 week in that beautiful city and then we headed off to Paris for a week. Originally I wanted to propose in Paris. It was more romantic, beautiful and just surreal to be there in person after seeing hundreds of movies of the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect place. However me being me, I wanted our proposal photographed. Its a moment that I want to always remember, and I want images to bring me back to that day and that trip. After searching around I soon realized that Paris photographers are some of the most expensive photographers in the world. Don’t get me wrong – being a photographer myself I would’ve spent anything to hire the right person and to ensure that moment was photographed. But I would have to trust this person, I would have to have followed them for awhile, known their work, know who they are and so much more if I was going to spend over $2000 on a 2 hour engagement shoot (yeah, I’m not joking). Plus – we were on vacation, and we wanted to do a lot (Disneyland was where we spent most of our money haha) so I didn’t want to spend a ton being on vacation. I was fine with spending what I normally charge, if not a little over. So I brought in my team of photographer friends to help me out.

Ryan_Jenn (58)-Edit.jpg

A lot of people actually expected Paris. Jenn’s co-workers said it would happen, my family said it would happen there, and some clients even emailed me and said “I KNEW IT!” So Paris was expected. Which got me thinking “What if I did Barcelona?” Barcelona was the start of our trip and more importantly, the first place we’d ever be traveling to for vacation together. It was memorable, and unexpected. That’s when I found our amazing engagement photographer, Lena.

Ryan_Jenn (57).jpg

Lena and I started speaking at the beginning of March, just after I bought the ring and hid it in the house! After months of planning, changing where I would actually propose, what we would wear, how we would make it a surprise and and much more we finally decided on Sitges, Spain on May 3 (the second day we were going to be in Spain). Lena planned to meet us at the train station (without Jenn knowing I knew her) and follow us around Sitges where I would find a street and drop down on one knee and propose. I got to admit, I was a little worried. We were heading to a place I was unfamiliar with, with a photographer I found through Instagram, in a country we both don’t speak the language of. The plan seemed destined to have some hiccups. Surprisingly – it went off perfectly. We got on the train, Lena followed us around, and when I dropped to one knee Lena captured it all. The next 2-3 hours we were walking the streets of Sitges hand in hand, and more in love than I ever felt before. It’s actually hard to explain and I don’t think I could even if I tried. We felt like we were the only two people in this small little beach town. It was absolutely perfect.

Ryan_Jenn (9).jpg

Being on the opposite side of choosing an engagement photographer gave me a LOT of perspective. I never realized how crucial it was to answer someone within the same day, to showcase a full wedding or a full engagement session, and to be able to connect with them not only in a photographer-to-photographer way but also hopefully to become best friends. It’s everything I already do in my business but just going through that experience has already opened my eyes to how important it is and how crucial it is to every couple’s decision. But now the real planning begins.

You might be wondering “whats their wedding going to look like? They’re wedding photographers and have been to so many!” and you’re right. We’ve been to over 20 weddings together and I’ve been to over 100 maybe as a photographer. So we definitely have a good idea of what we want and what we don’t want. All in all throughout the years we’ve seen a lot of couples have giant weddings, at beautiful venues, with beautiful photographs but for us having the closest family and friends we both know is more important to us than having this “picture perfect” wedding. However, I can guarantee whoever we hire for our wedding photographers they’re going to have the best time because I’m pretty sure it’ll be picture perfect.

We’re both excited to start planning and to join our 2019 couples in that adventure. I hope you love some more photos of our engagement session posted below. If you haven’t already give Lena some love on Instagram because she was amazing. Cheers to a successful engagement, and to a beautiful wedding to come!

Meet: Ryan & Jenn


Jessica & Nick | Boston, MA Engagement Session

Whenever a couple tells me they're from Boston and want to do their engagement photos in their favorite neighborhood, I get super excited. For one, I love Boston. It was actually going to be my home before I decided to switch and go to school for photography instead of music. Two, Boston's neighborhoods are so photogenic. I'm telling you, you can probably photography anywhere in the city and it could come out incredible. 

That being said, Jessica & Nick took it one step further and took photos at their favorite restaurant and place where they got engaged - Coppa. Special thanks to the restaurant owner, Ryan for allowing us to photograph during a busy dinner service! After photographing there we headed out to the streets of the South End and Boston Common/Back Bay and has so much fun. I'm in love with this session and couldn't make up my mind if I loved the artsy look or the more traditional look, so instead of deciding I went with both! 

Jenn and I later ended our night back at Coppa for dinner ourselves and their food was incredible. My mouth is currently watering thinking about it! We can't wait to head back to Boston for our next adventure! 

Meet: Jessica & Nick

Kaylah & Josh | Engagement Session in Lincoln, RI

Whenever a couple tells me they're adventurous, I jump at the opportunity to do something fun for their photos. One thing I mention to them all the time is that these photos should feel like them. It shouldn't be posed and fake. If you don't go to the beach, why are we going to take your photos on the beach? If you're not city people why would we go downtown and take your engagement session photos there? I encourage couple's to always choose a spot or a location that means something to them, or at least gives them an opportunity to do something they love. 

Josh & Kaylah love to hike and be outdoors. We spoke about doing a session at their favorite hiking spot in New Hampshire but then decided we could probably get that same look and feel someplace closer. I think we hit it right on the nail. Lincoln Woods provided the perfect backdrop to what is now some of my favorite Lovebird Session photos. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into their love story. 

Aubrey & Luke | Engagement session in Newport, RI

Sometimes when I speak to couples over the phone for the first time, they spend some time chatting about our conversation and services with their family & friends. Understandably since choosing a wedding photographer isn't an easy decision. However for Aubrey & Luke as soon as they saw my site, they knew they wanted to book me. After a few emails we even planned their engagement session for the week they booked! This never happens! 

Aubrey & Luke we're so excited for their lovebird session and I can totally see why! These two were so in love and adorable - even at 5am! We braved the time and woke up super early to head out to Newport, RI and capture their story with early morning walks on the beach, wine at 6am, and of course breakfast ;) 

I had such a great time and I can't wait to see Aubrey & Luke again. Here's just a snippet of their lovebird session! Enjoy!

With love,