2018 in Photographs

If you’ve been following along, every new year’s eve we try and post a blog summarizing our year that we’ve had. 2018 had been absolutely incredible and that’s all thanks to the amazing support and love from you. This year we photographed over 12 weddings, 9 portrait sessions and 8 lovebird sessions for a grand total of 29 this year. Each year I am blown away at how this business keeps growing and growing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 2018 has been so much fun and I cannot wait for 2019 and all the incredible stories we’ll get to document.

Here’s a look back on 2018…

A ton of you got engaged this year…


And took us some some of your favorite spots…


We had a ton of laughs…


And a few tears…


There was a LOT of WILD dance moves..


A few of you had some exciting news…


And we had some ourselves…

Ryan_Jenn (10).jpg
Ryan_Jenn (12).jpg
Ryan_Jenn (57).jpg

We took over 40,000 photos and each of them meant the world to us.

We can’t thank you enough for such an amazing, incredible, fun and exciting year.

With love,

Ryan & Jenn

Emily & Warren | Newport Vineyards Wedding, Newport RI

Every year we have a handful of couples that truly stand out above the rest. Couples that not only fall in love with our photographs but become true friends to Jenn and I. They’re usually the laid back type, the adventurous duo and are always up for a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner with us. Emily & Warren are definitely apart of that group. From the first breakfast date with them, I knew we’d be amazing friends. We shared a love for traveling, adventures, food, and so much more. When it became time to photograph their wedding day, I knew it was going to be perfect and boy, it sure was…

Emily & Warren got married at the amazing Newport Vineyards which combined their love for wine, and Rhode Island all in one. It turned out to be one of the best weather days we could’ve asked for with cloudy skies and cooler temps. It was a little rainy at the beginning portion of the day but as soon as the ceremony time came, the showers had passed and it was beautiful.

These photos mean a lot to me. Not only because Emily & Warren are client’s of ours, but because they’re client turned friends. I had such a hard time choosing specific edits to give them and really perfecting the photographs down to every last detail. However, I think you’ll see that these two are madly in love, and are perfect for one another. I can’t wait to show you more…but for now, enjoy these sneak peeks!

With love,

Special thanks to everyone who made Emily & Warren’s day possible:

Venue: Newport Vineyards
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Florist: Sayles Livingston Design
Hair & Makeup: PetalBlushBeauty

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Barbara & Brian | Publick House Historic Inn Wedding, Sturbridge MA

I couldn’t be more excited about this blog post. We met Barbara and Brian about a year ago over the phone. After we chatted it up for a good hour and a half, we realized we should’ve been friends long before wedding planning came around. We have the same free spirited mindset, love for music, bands, and even share a love for Sam Smith. To top it all off they’re foodies just like Jenn and I. When we finally met just at the beginning of this year it felt like we were just meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in awhile. If I was being honest, I could’ve hung out with them all damn day.

Barbara & Brian got married at The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA - A venue we’ve been to a couple of times before. However this time, it was totally different. The place turned into a magical oasis filled amazing family, friends, great music, awesome food and even a Teepee hut. Barbara was one of our most “chill” brides this year. There was a point in the day where she realized she forgot her wedding shoes. If it was any other bride, this would’ve turned into a huge meltdown. Barbara just shrugged her shoulders, laughed and said “Oh well, I guess we’re going barefoot!” It was at that point I knew that Barbara was definitely a client turned bff. These two were absolutely amazing throughout the whole night. They were so photogenic and it definitely all paid off. I am beyond thankful to have been apart of Barbara & Brian’s special day. Thank you two so much for allowing me to capture it and for being amazing friends to us. I hope you both love this sneak peek as much as I do.

With love,
Ryan & Jenn

Special thanks to everyone who made Barbara and Brian’s day possible:

Venue: The Publick House
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Florist: Cameron & Fairbanks
Hair: Salon Mii
DJ: DJ Marc Anthony

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Danielle & Bryan | Skyline at Waterplace Wedding | Providence, RI

I am so excited to show you Danielle & Bryan's wedding. We met up with these two back last fall for their Lovebird session and absolutely fell in love with their little family (their dog is adorable!). Their wedding was nothing short of amazing. From the beautiful ceremony to their amazing venue, Skyline at Waterplace, everything was perfect -- Including the weather! 

Danielle & Bryan, thank you for a fun filled day! We cannot wait to show you the rest from their wedding but until then we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek! 

Special thanks to all those who made Danielle & Bryan's day come true:

Venue: Skyline at Waterplace
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Event Coordinator: Scott Connery Events
Florist: Debra Sousa
Hair & Makeup: Jaclyn Kate Artistry
DJ: Anthony Crocenzi
Videography: Ashley Dewhurst
Catering: Russel Morin’s Catering

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Christine & Jim | OceanCliff Newport, RI Wedding

On a hot summer day, Christine & Jim tied the knot! After planning their coastal Rhode Island wedding from New York, the day was finally here. Christine had the absolute best team there to make sure everything went smoothly. Shayna from HolySmoke Films did a beautiful job filming the day, Lynda from Lynda Williams Beauty made sure all the ladies were in tip-top shape, The Boston Common Band rocked the house and the staff at OceanCliff in Newport were absolutely amazing. We're so excited for you to see a sneak peek into Christine & Jim's big day!

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Aubrey & Luke | Newport Vineyards Wedding

Aubrey & Luke's wedding was absolutely fantastic. Set in the absolutely stunning Newport Vineyards (and maybe one of our favorite venues) we couldn't have asked for a better couple, venue, and wedding day! The weather was a blazing 95 degrees, the sun was out and you know what? I was just happy it didn't rain! I had so much fun getting to know these two over the past year. I remember when we photographed their Lovebird session at 5am in Newport. Seeing them smiling all day from ear to ear and really taking in every single moment was one of my favorite parts of the day. We walked away with some amazing images and in all honestly, there's so much more I wanted to show off! But for now we have a little sneak peek into their vineyard wedding below. I hope you all enjoy :)

Meet: Aubrey & Luke 


Special shoutout to all those who made Aubrey & Luke's day possible:

Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Venue: Newport Vineyards
Florist: Flowerthyme
Hair & Makeup: Bella Beauty Bridal
DJ: Greg 'Gates' Plowman
Videography: Ryan DeVoll Photography

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Planning your wedding: A photographer's guide to timing your day

About 3 months before the wedding day, we send out a very detailed questionnaire to our couples that has them answer everything from where they'll be getting ready, to a list of all the vendors that'll be working that day and so much more. The questionnaire is meant to help guide us when we sit down and talk about their timeline for the day. That's when we'll go over what time we'll be photographing your getting ready, bridal party, them two and so on. 

Even though the questionnaire specifically talks about leaving enough buffer time in between locations and allowing us enough time to photograph the bride & groom, it never fails that every year we have a handful of couples who seem to have a ton of questions when planning their big day out. It's understandable. It's your first time and you've already planned so much - now you have to think about timing?! Ugh. I'd be overwhelmed myself. Don't worry! We've been to more than a few weddings and have your back! The biggest thing I can say is TRUST US. Since we've been through this before we know what usually happens. We know at what time and how long you should give for specific parts of the day. figured it was time to put together a blog post about our recommendations since we keep getting asked about it. I hope everyone (other photographers and couples) can use this as a reference when it comes to timing out your photo plan. Obviously not every wedding is the same and there are certain scenarios where our "ideal" timeline would be a bit different, and that's ok! A wedding isn't "one-timeline fits all" but it's good to know the appropriate duration of each section specifically to get the most wedding photos possible :) After all, when everything is said and done the photos are all you have left!

Getting Ready: 1-1.5 hours of time

A lot of brides love to have their getting ready photographed. It's a time where the excitement is building, the planning is all about to come into play and you're surrounded by all the thoughts of your relationship these past "x" amount of years. Where just in a few moments you'll say "I do". Its scary, never-racking, exciting and fun all at the same time. This is the time we'll photograph the details of your day. Your shoes, any jewelry you're wearing, your rings, your invitations, flowers, and of course, you're dress in all it's glory. We'll also be photographing your bridesmaids and you in a candid setting, you getting your hair & makeup done, your mom, sister, best friend or family member helping you with your dress and of course, your dad seeing you for the first time. It sounds like a lot but it goes by very quickly. That's why you want to make sure you have enough time to do all these things, but not rush through them...because let's be honest - nobody wants to be rushed, especially on their wedding day. 

Choosing a getting ready location:

On a quick side note to that: If you plan on getting ready anywhere further than 20 min to your ceremony site, give yourself extra time! Allowing us enough time to deal with traffic and parking as well. We always like to show up before the bride does. Giving us the ability to possibly capture some ceremony details, as well as any interactions with guests! I'd say ver more on the side of 1.5hours of getting ready time than an hour if your spot if more than 20 min out.

Ceremony: 15 min - 1 hour 

Depending on your religious views, your ceremony could last up to one hour or longer. It's important to know that if people are flying in from out of town and shuttling to your ceremony spot give them some extra wiggle room incase theres traffic, especially in the summer. We once had a wedding have over 50 guests 20min late to the ceremony. It was rough since those 20 min ate into our photo time afterwards. 

Cocktail & photo hour: 1 hour

Cocktail hour is as the name suggests, one hour. Some couples have a break between their ceremony and cocktail hour to allow for enough photo time, which is smart and 100% recommended however not always possible (i.e. if your wedding all happens at one location). During this time is where we'll most likely photograph your formal family portraits, your bridal party photos and the most important photos of you two. 

Family photos: Only your immediate family!

Family formals is normally the roughest part of the day. The first step is to get all your family members that you want in a photo together. If some of them aren't in the bridal party, it's nearly impossible since they'll be shuffling out of the ceremony site and more likely saying hello to everyone! This is why we recommend keeping your family portraits down to just your immediate family. They'll already be in the wedding party and walk down the aisle after you. We'll most likely photograph a place outside where we can all meet up and knock out those photos in 10-15 min. Of course, if it's just your immediate family.

Keep in mind that if you extend the list of family members in a photo to include aunts, uncles, grandparents and more it's going to eat into the timing of YOUR photos as husband and wife. Those are the most important and any other family combinations can be taken throughout the night.

Bridal Party photos: Quick but fun

Depending on how much time you allowed in the beginning half of your day, we may have already taken some of your bridesmaids and groomsmen photos and just need to take a couple of the bridal party as a whole. Keep in mind this is also happening during cocktail hour. We have to be quick, but efficient so we can spend the majority of the time with you two. 

Photos of you two: At LEAST 40 min

Arguably the most important photographs of the day. It's important to allow us enough time to truly capture you both. While we'd actually recommend you have a first look, allowing us to photograph you for more than 40 min and giving you plenty of photos to awe over. If you're not planning one then we recommend at least 40 min to do this. Obviously thats cutting into your cocktail hour. If you'd like to enjoy cocktail hour then we'd recommend you do a first look. 

Reception coverage: 2-4 hours 

After cocktail hour ends, it's time to party! Although you're probably hungry and so are your guests. Before any great party starts there's food and drinks! During the beginning half of your reception that's most likely whats going to be happening. After that is when we'll get on the dance floor and photograph all the craziness happening! We recommend that most couples allow at least 1 hour into dancing after all the formalities are done. If you want us there longer, even better! 

What if I want a first look? 

First looks make your wedding timeline so much easier. A first look is when you and your significant other plan to see each other before the ceremony. Most couples do this so that way they can have a private moment before hand and not in front of everyone. The biggest advantage is what it does for the timing of the day. Everything happens during the beginning half of your day rather than after the ceremony (where more than likely all you'll want to do is party). The timeline looks a bit like this:

Getting ready: 1-1.5 hours
First look and photos: 1.5 hours
Bridal party photos: 10-15 min
Ceremony: 15-1 hour
Cocktail hour: 1 hour
Reception: 2-4 hours

We'd still take your family portraits during cocktail hour but at least you'd have the chance to go enjoy everything instead of being away from everyone taking photos. It also allows us more time to photograph you two, giving you more photos in the end result. 

Example timeline: 

Here's an example timeline from a real wedding we did that allowed us plenty of time with a first look. The couple's end result was absolutely amazing. Their gallery is actually featured on our site here! 

2:00-3:15 - Getting ready photos of the bride
3:30-3:40pm - First look with bride & groom
3:40-4:40pm - Bride & groom photos
4:40-5:15pm - Wedding party photos
5:30-6:00pm - Ceremony
600-7:00pm - Cocktail hour & family photos
7:00-10pm - Reception coverage


To wrap it all up, you're going to want to give yourself enough time for photographs. You paid for them so don't rush them, don't squeeze them into a tiny 15 min time slot, and don't overlook them. Remember to allow yourself enough time for photos of you two! Those are the ones you fell in love with on our site and you're going to love afterwards. Don't do too many family formals...Remember that candid moments are better than formal ones. And lastly, try to do a first look. It'll save you so much time and be less stressful in the long run.

Like I mentioned before - Not every wedding is one-timeline fits all. If you reference this blog post, it's a good start. If you have any questions about the timing of your day feel free to shoot us an email to chat about it! We'd love to help you plan it all out!

With love,


Ryan DeVollComment
Lindsay & Sal | The Ballroom at The Providence G Wedding

Lindsay & Sal's wedding blog post has arrived! It was a day filled with a ton of laughs, smilies and of course tears. Their day was even more special since they had family and friends from all over make the trip out to Providence for them. Lindsay's family is from Indiana, and Sal's family is from all over New England. Together, combined with friends from all over the country and more it was a fun filled day! We had a blast photographing these two and can't wait to show you all more but for now, enjoy this sneak peek! 

PS. I loved that these two shared a mutual love of donuts with Jenn and I, so we made them the best ring photo ever. Check it out below!

Meet: Lindsay & Sal

Special shoutout to everyone who made Lindsay & Sal's day possible:

Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Venue: The Ballroom at The Providence G
Catering: Pranzi Catering & Events
Florist: Pranzi Catering & Events
Band: Sugar Babies
Hair: Jackie Angelos
Makeup: Sam Cummings

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Loryn & Ricky | Engagement Photography

When an old friend of mine Lindsay, contacted me about gifting a Lovebird session to her sister who recently got engaged, I was so excited. I photographed Lindsay back early in my "photography career" when we were both in high school. She was one of my first ever senior portraits. Till this day it's still on her Facebook (which is so fun for me to look back on). If Loryn is anything like her sister, she'd be so fun to photograph and boy did we have a great time! 

Loryn & Ricky live up in Deerfield, MA. A place that holds a special spot in my heart since I went to school next to Deerfield. The Berkshires and western MA are an absolute perfect backdrop for any occasion, especially an engagement session. We took photos with their amazing pup, then braved Mt. Sugarloaf,  and then ended the session the same way we end every session in the summer, with ice cream (I know, right?!). We had a blast together and I'm so happy with how these turned out. Clearly Loryn & Ricky are absolutely in love. I hope you all enjoy this little sneak peak into their session together. 



Nicole & Pete | Kinney Bungalow Narragansett, RI

Nicole & Pete are two people who are clearly made for one another. Both of them have so much fun in everything they do. From photographing their getting ready, ceremony and reception they had us dying laughing or in tears for how beautiful their day was. Seriously! (Although that's not abnormal for me, I think I cry at every wedding. What can I say? I'm a big sucker for love). Nicole & Pete made me feel like I was just another one of their bffs on the wedding day. They didn't want stuck up formal photos of themselves and they didn't want a ton of family formals. They just wanted to have fun. So I made sure that happened. I even got on the dance floor and whipped out a few moves (I'll spare you the agony of seeing that) We had a blast photographing their day and cannot wait to show everyone all their photos. For now, take a look at this amazing sneak peek and let us know what you think!

PS. Special thanks to our previous couple Amanda & Dan who referred Nicole to us! We love when we get to party with TWO of our couples on one day. Love you both! 

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Special thanks to everyone who made their day possible:
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Venue: Kinney Bungalow
Hair/Makeup: Bianca Nastari
DJ: Moondance Productions
Catering: Tom's Market Catering
Flowers: Les Isle Rose