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Lisa & Paul | The Neighborhood Club of Quincy Wedding

Lisa & Paul are absolute incredible friends before they are clients. We got to know both of them over dinner a couple of times and they instantly reminded us what true love looks like. As a matter of fact, these two remind myself of Jenn and I’s relationship. Both of them are adventurous, loving, kind, and so thankful for everyone in their life. Their wedding was a true showcase of all of that. I am so excited to share a little sneak peek of their big day while we finish up their gallery and they finish their month long Europe honeymoon (anyone else of jealous of that? I know I am!)

Meet: Lisa & Paul


A special thanks to everyone who made Lisa & Paul’s day possible:

Venue: The Neighborhood Club of Quincy
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Video: Luke Dent
Entertainment: Mickey Grouse
Hair: Melinda Brandt
Makeup: Kristen Zarba
Flowers: Whole Foods
Cake: Oakleaf Cakes
Cocktail hour band: International Strings

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Barbara & Brian | Publick House Historic Inn Wedding, Sturbridge MA

I couldn’t be more excited about this blog post. We met Barbara and Brian about a year ago over the phone. After we chatted it up for a good hour and a half, we realized we should’ve been friends long before wedding planning came around. We have the same free spirited mindset, love for music, bands, and even share a love for Sam Smith. To top it all off they’re foodies just like Jenn and I. When we finally met just at the beginning of this year it felt like we were just meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in awhile. If I was being honest, I could’ve hung out with them all damn day.

Barbara & Brian got married at The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA - A venue we’ve been to a couple of times before. However this time, it was totally different. The place turned into a magical oasis filled amazing family, friends, great music, awesome food and even a Teepee hut. Barbara was one of our most “chill” brides this year. There was a point in the day where she realized she forgot her wedding shoes. If it was any other bride, this would’ve turned into a huge meltdown. Barbara just shrugged her shoulders, laughed and said “Oh well, I guess we’re going barefoot!” It was at that point I knew that Barbara was definitely a client turned bff. These two were absolutely amazing throughout the whole night. They were so photogenic and it definitely all paid off. I am beyond thankful to have been apart of Barbara & Brian’s special day. Thank you two so much for allowing me to capture it and for being amazing friends to us. I hope you both love this sneak peek as much as I do.

With love,
Ryan & Jenn

Special thanks to everyone who made Barbara and Brian’s day possible:

Venue: The Publick House
Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Florist: Cameron & Fairbanks
Hair: Salon Mii
DJ: DJ Marc Anthony

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Peter & Anna | A backyard wedding

Last month, Jenn and I thought we'd have the month off and free from all the wedding madness. That was until Peter emailed me and told me about his backyard wedding that he was planning just a few weeks away. At first, their thought was to DIY everything they could. They soon realized that their wedding photos are the only thing that they'll have leftover and that's a bit scary to leave in the hands of a friend or family member. Plus - they wanted everyone to enjoy their day, especially their guests. 

Peter is a screen writer, and Anna a teacher. I quickly got to know these two and their story. I was blown away at how much these two were in love. I get to meet a lot of couples and all of them truly are in love but Peter & Anna we're on a whole new level. They were madly in love with one another and it was so infectious and inspirational. I look up to these two and the story they've already created. They're each other's best friend, confidant, and lover. Their day was something I was looking forward to all month. It was so special, intimate and just plain perfect. I'll stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves. 

Thank you both for allowing me to be apart of your special day and capture it in a true document format. You are amazing and I can't wait to show you the rest!

Meet: Peter & Anna

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Annie & Chris | The Bohlin Newport, RI Wedding

I have a confession to make...At almost every wedding, I cry a little bit. But the story I'm about to tell you, may have you crying before the end of it. I try as a photographer to be in the moment 100% of the time. That means I'm experiencing the same happiness, sadness, sometimes stressfulness of my couples. With Annie & Chris, this was no different.

On a cold, rainy September day, Annie & Chris woke up ready for their beautiful Newport wedding planned. However, when they woke up to rain, as most of you could imagine, it wasn't what they expected. They still embraced the day with happiness & joy like they've always done in their relationship and with life. Much like their wedding day Annie & Chris had everything planned out for their life up until April of this past year when Annie found out she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As unexpected as that was, they pushed forward with planning their big day and all the adventures ahead. Annie had surgery in May and started chemotherapy in June. Smack dab in the middle of all this, was their wedding in September. When I reached out to Annie & Chris to plan our final get together before their big day, she told me she had "something very important to tell me" I couldn't have even imagined that she would say "I have breast cancer".

Photography is more important than we know it. Sometimes people think all I do is "take pictures" however, it's so much deeper. I got a little teary eyed when Annie & Chris sat down with me for their meeting. I couldn't help but remember my papa, who passed away from cancer just a few years ago. I couldn't help but wish that I had more photographs with him, and of him. For all I knew, Annie & Chris's wedding pictures could be their only professional photos they would have of one another. It's a huge responsibility as it is, however, with the circumstances, it was even bigger. I remember getting in the car with Jenn on the way to Newport that day and I looked over and said "This is the most important wedding we have this year." 

As you can imagine, their day went off without a hitch! Sure, it rained, it poured. But that didn't stop us. We embraced each and every minute of it. Exploring Newport in the rain is quite the adventure. 

My favorite part of the whole day was when Annie's sister, Rachel gave her speech. Beyond being hilarious, her speech would go down for the best Maid of Honor speech I've ever heard. Towards the end, Rachel said something along the lines of: "Now, everyone here has been inspired by Annie and her amazing positivity, strength and courage but rather than pass the mic around and tell her, why don't we show her?" and everyone threw up signs of funny phases about breast cancer,  inspirational quotes from Annie, or just messages to her. I broke down in tears. I apologize to Rachel, Annie, and their family in advance. The photos are a tad blurry because I was shaking and so overwhelmed with emotion. I'm a big baby. I knew it was coming and I still cried! 

To Annie & Chris, thank you. Thank you for allowing me out of all people to photograph your big day. I know when choosing a photographer you look at prices, photos, websites, whats included, and that sometimes influences your choice, but besides all that - You guys choose me. You allowed me to capture your story, your next chapter in a beautiful, documentary style way. You became friends of mine rather than clients, and your photos, and your story became some of my favorite of all time.

Thank you to Annie's doctor Valerie Fein-Zachary, who without her and her amazing team, Annie & Chris could have had a much tougher road than expected. 

You'll be happy to know that Annie is fully 100% out of chemotherapy and is on the road to recovery. I hope this brightens up her day as much as she's brightened up my life.

You inspire me Annie & Chris. For that, I am forever grateful.

Annie's amazing doctor

Annie & Chris's full gallery will be available shortly. For now, let's give a special thanks to all the vendors from their big day who worked hard to make it possible!

Photography: Ryan DeVoll Photography
Venue: The Bohlin Newport 
Band: Clockwork Boston
Florist: Blooming Blossoms

Lindsay & Marco | Narragansett, RI Wedding

Now that the 2015 wedding season is officially over and I don't have too much editing to do, I like to go back through the thousand of images we took over the season and find awesome photos or even whole weddings that I didn't blog during the hectic busy months! Today, I stumbled across this gem: Lindsay & Marco's wedding.

I photographed Lindsay & Marco's wedding with the amazing Scott Zuehlke Photography. Scott and I know each other through Hallmark, and any time he needs me to second shoot for him, I'll readily jump at the opportunity. We had a blast with this one! I gotta tell ya - If you can afford having a live band at your wedding, it'll make all the difference. They really know how to get the crowd going and well, the photos can speak for themselfs. Enjoy!

Watch out, that guy might show up at your wedding! haha!

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Independence Harbor Wedding | MA Wedding Photographer

Last week, I got to head to Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA where Nicole & Michael tied the knot! Nicole & Michael booked me last summer. We shared our love for photography, graphic design and Chippi's (if you've never been to Marisol's in Dartmouth, you don't know what your missing) Both graphic designers, our conversations began to be more about branding and marketing than actual wedding photography. These two have so much talent and for them to choose me over everyone else, was honestly a blessing. They quickly became good friends of mine and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Before we all forget what Fall looks like (since the rain this past week blew half of the leafs off) I needed to share their absolutely stunning fall wedding on the blog. Besides the fact that we were in prime time for fall foliage, Nicole & Michael designed their own wedding from top to bottom. With their love for Disney, each of their tables in the reception we're labeled after a Disney couple. From new age Disney movies like "Wall-E & Eve" to old classics like "Cinderella & Prince Charming" Speaking of Cinderella, take a look at her dress. It's absolutely stunning and I swear, she looks exactly like her. From the cake, to the music, with the DJ playing "Be Our Guest" as an opening dance number, they would have made Mickey and Minnie proud. 

Congratulation's you two. Thank you for everything!

Florist: Sandra Rhodes, Dave's Marketplace/Les Isle Rose
Makeup: Salt on Elm
Hair: Options Salon
DJ: David Nacci, Pleasure Sounds
Bakery: The Cake Gallery
Dress: Party Dress Express / Designer: Allure Bridal

Rebecca & Ryan | Boston, MA Wedding Photographer

Back in May I got to second shoot for the amazing Sarah Jayne. Sarah and I know each other through a photography community located in the Boston Area that serves one mission: Community over competition. It's a place we all go to when we have a question, need an extra hand on the wedding day or need a second shooter when our normal team is busy. I love to help out other local photographers. In this industry, things are constantly changing which means, I have to constantly keep learning. Working with other photographers has taught me so much over these past few years. I've promised myself that even if I'm busy (which I totally am), whenever somebody needs a helping hand, I'll always be there for them!

Here's a snippet of the wedding Sarah and I photographed together.

Meet: Rebecca & Ryan

Independence Harbor Wedding | MA Wedding Photographer

Lidina & Hamilton

Lidina and Hamilton's story is one that's sure to make your heart melt. Hamilton was a US Army solider, currently stationed in Iraq. After their engagement, Hamilton was deployed back to Iraq quickly and didn't have a chance to plan anything with his sweet new bride. However, that didn't stop Lidina. She quickly jumped on board, and planned everything out while keeping in touch with Hamilton each week. A story of true love. "Distance isn't a problem" Lidina told me. I then told her that distance makes the heart grow fonder anyway and that anytime she'll get to spend with Hamilton will be cherished forever. I was so excited to be apart of this couples story. Who wouldn't want to be apart of a "Dear John" love story? When Lidina found a photographer for their big day, Hamilton was stoked. He knew the importance of photographs of your life being a solider. I knew instantly that this was a couple I couldn't wait to get to know more.

Their wedding was beautiful. From the beautiful ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral to photos in Newport, RI and then finally ending at their amazing reception at Independence Harbor (which was also the venue my aunt got married at when I was super young! I still remember it though!) I'm not sure who could ever top how much fun we had and how beautiful these photos are.

Congratulations you two! 

A big special thank you to all those vendors and people who made this beautiful day come true! Personally, I have to thank my second shooter and best friend, Casey Wright for helping me out on this one. I love the way her and I captured this day in a documentary style feeling. 
Church: St. Mary's Cathedral
Venue: Independence Harbor