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Molly & Michael | Beavertail State Park Engagement Session

Boy am I excited to share these with you.

We’ve been to Beavertail before and almost all the time, I hope and pray before the session that the couple is adventurous enough to know what I’m about to ask them to do. Beavertail isn’t just any run off the mill type of park, it’s rocky, wavy, and pretty dangerous at times but boy, the results are incredible. Molly & Michael braved the BRISK winds after a rainy weekend and we’re not only adventurous but they were EXCITED and up for the challenge. They even braved it down a STEEP cliff into a little beach cove where we got some pretty incredible photographs. If these two are just as much on their wedding day as they were for our Lovebird Session, I am SO excited to photograph their big day.

Meet: Molly & Michael

Jessica & Nick | Boston, MA Engagement Session

Whenever a couple tells me they're from Boston and want to do their engagement photos in their favorite neighborhood, I get super excited. For one, I love Boston. It was actually going to be my home before I decided to switch and go to school for photography instead of music. Two, Boston's neighborhoods are so photogenic. I'm telling you, you can probably photography anywhere in the city and it could come out incredible. 

That being said, Jessica & Nick took it one step further and took photos at their favorite restaurant and place where they got engaged - Coppa. Special thanks to the restaurant owner, Ryan for allowing us to photograph during a busy dinner service! After photographing there we headed out to the streets of the South End and Boston Common/Back Bay and has so much fun. I'm in love with this session and couldn't make up my mind if I loved the artsy look or the more traditional look, so instead of deciding I went with both! 

Jenn and I later ended our night back at Coppa for dinner ourselves and their food was incredible. My mouth is currently watering thinking about it! We can't wait to head back to Boston for our next adventure! 

Meet: Jessica & Nick

Kaylah & Josh | Engagement Session in Lincoln, RI

Whenever a couple tells me they're adventurous, I jump at the opportunity to do something fun for their photos. One thing I mention to them all the time is that these photos should feel like them. It shouldn't be posed and fake. If you don't go to the beach, why are we going to take your photos on the beach? If you're not city people why would we go downtown and take your engagement session photos there? I encourage couple's to always choose a spot or a location that means something to them, or at least gives them an opportunity to do something they love. 

Josh & Kaylah love to hike and be outdoors. We spoke about doing a session at their favorite hiking spot in New Hampshire but then decided we could probably get that same look and feel someplace closer. I think we hit it right on the nail. Lincoln Woods provided the perfect backdrop to what is now some of my favorite Lovebird Session photos. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into their love story. 

RI Lovebird Session | Kim & Shiloh

Kim and Shiloh are some of my best friends. Being photographer's themselves, we can get together and talk business and not bore one another (seriously, it's a thing). Just last week, I called Kim up and asked her if she'd be up to do a session with Shiloh. I wanted to try some new things, and I also just wanted to repay her since she recently photographed Jenn and I. 

It was a beautiful winter day. I think the weather hit 70 at one point? So we couldn't complain about it being cold. We trucked it down to Lincoln Woods, found a nice little spot away from everyone and they seriously killed it. I love this session so much and I hope you do too!

Molly & Brian | Colt State Park Engagement Session

I love when couple's are down for anything. When they don't care if it's cold out, windy, snowing or raining and they're just down for the adventure. To be honest, those are the photos that us photographers rarely get the chance to take. We never get to go out during a blizzard, we never get to go out when it's raining, and we never get to go to these crazy locations that wouldn't make sense. It's always the same old same old. So when Molly contacted me and told me she wanted to do a Lovebird Session in January by the water, I was so pumped. Since Molly & Brian are from NJ, Jenn and I scoped out a location that fit these two and Colt State Park in Bristol, where Molly & Brian will soon be in a few months to be married, seemed like the perfect spot.

Their session turned out perfect! Sure, it was cloudy, a bit cold and windy but we braved the elements and seriously rocked it! I'm in love with the way these two showed pure emotion, love, and happiness during their time with me. I'm also in love with the way these turned out. It's a bit new to us but I'm loving the style that we were able to pull off.


Ashley & Patrick Part I - Providence, RI Engagement Session

Last month we had some crazy freezing temperatures. One day it was beautiful out, the next day is was below zero. Luckily, we all survived the brave weather and made it to March. 

Ashley & Patrick, a 2016 couple of mine who are celebrating their big day this upcoming New Year's Eve had this amazing engagement session idea that they wanted to recreate. One part of the session would be shot in the summer and one in the winter. Patrick would lead Ashley to a spot to propose to her in the summer and then magically it would transform into winter. I loved the idea! After playing around with a few different ideas, we chose to photograph the winter part first. We had to be careful in choosing a date. We wanted snow to be on the ground, and we honestly hopped it would snow during the session but instead we endured below zero degree weather! It was super fun though. We had to be quick so we didn't freeze our tushes off and we had to somehow keep warm, especially when you're in a dress. Luckily, we all went to a local spot afterwards for some dinner. 

I had a blast Ashley & Patrick, I can't wait for part two! 

With love,