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Kaylah & Josh | Engagement Session in Lincoln, RI

Whenever a couple tells me they're adventurous, I jump at the opportunity to do something fun for their photos. One thing I mention to them all the time is that these photos should feel like them. It shouldn't be posed and fake. If you don't go to the beach, why are we going to take your photos on the beach? If you're not city people why would we go downtown and take your engagement session photos there? I encourage couple's to always choose a spot or a location that means something to them, or at least gives them an opportunity to do something they love. 

Josh & Kaylah love to hike and be outdoors. We spoke about doing a session at their favorite hiking spot in New Hampshire but then decided we could probably get that same look and feel someplace closer. I think we hit it right on the nail. Lincoln Woods provided the perfect backdrop to what is now some of my favorite Lovebird Session photos. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into their love story. 

Molly & Brian | Colt State Park Engagement Session

I love when couple's are down for anything. When they don't care if it's cold out, windy, snowing or raining and they're just down for the adventure. To be honest, those are the photos that us photographers rarely get the chance to take. We never get to go out during a blizzard, we never get to go out when it's raining, and we never get to go to these crazy locations that wouldn't make sense. It's always the same old same old. So when Molly contacted me and told me she wanted to do a Lovebird Session in January by the water, I was so pumped. Since Molly & Brian are from NJ, Jenn and I scoped out a location that fit these two and Colt State Park in Bristol, where Molly & Brian will soon be in a few months to be married, seemed like the perfect spot.

Their session turned out perfect! Sure, it was cloudy, a bit cold and windy but we braved the elements and seriously rocked it! I'm in love with the way these two showed pure emotion, love, and happiness during their time with me. I'm also in love with the way these turned out. It's a bit new to us but I'm loving the style that we were able to pull off.


Crystal + Tim | Crestwood Country Club, Rehoboth, MA Wedding

Crystal + Tim's wedding might be the most entertaining wedding I've ever been to. These two are filled with energy and love for each and every person they meet and that's what makes them so special. Their wedding was seriously a blast! From the getting ready moments, to the reception where the maid of honor and best man made videos instead of speeches (which were super awesome by the way!) Crystal + Tim planned a night that was really unforgettable. 

Thank you both for being such awesome clients and awesome friends :)

With love,

Venue: Crestwood Country Club
DJ: Music On Wheels
Florist: Stop & Shop!
Hair/Makeup: Selena Perry 

Exploring Providence, RI: Mills Coffee

Last month, I had the pleasure to visit Mill's Coffee, a roasting company located right in Providence! I've always loved coffee, especially if it's locally brewed. But after going to Italy last year, I've become even more of a coffee snob. Even Starbucks tastes like water! 

That's when I gave a call to my friend Susan, owner of Mill's Coffee. Susan and her family have been brewing coffee for decades. The company has been handed down generation after generation and still to this day is all family owned and operated. They have every single section of coffee you can think of: From Pumpkin Spice, Blueberry Coffee Cake (my favorite) to amazingly bold Nikawewa coffee. What's better than strong, local owned coffee? Nothing else.

Susan spent over 3 hours with me giving me a tour, allowing me to taste some coffee and educating me on the whole process. I had no idea that so much time, dedication and love goes into making a single cup of coffee. I want to thank Susan, and her team for allowing me to photograph them and allowing me to taste test a whole bunch of coffee. 

Mill's Coffee - Buy a bag here!