Kristal & Lellie | In home wedding

Kristal & Lellie have been good friends of mine since the day I moved into my new apartment complex. Residents themselves, we frequently got together during the summer for cookouts on the patio, relaxing days with wine coolers, and lovely time in the sun. It was only fitting that when I found out they were engaged, I told them to give me a ring when they planned their big day. About a month ago, they gave me a call and told me their plans. Although it might not be what they originally wanted, they wanted to be officially married as soon as possible. Although it wasn't a huge party - they still had a blast and honestly, it was one of the most intimate "Weddings" I've ever experienced. They had just their immediate friends and family there along with myself and a few other residents. Overall maybe 15 people tops. It set the scene for a fun-filled afternoon that they'd never forget. 

I can't thank Kristal & Lellie enough. For their love, for their support and for allowing me to capture this special time. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of their day :)