MA Senior Portrait Photographer: Kelly

It's not often I get to photograph high school seniors anymore. That's weird for me to even say since my business started as only photographing high school seniors. But now-a-days I photograph about 10 seniors a year.

Kathy, Kelly's mom, contacted me a month ago about having her two daughters photographed. As soon as I met with these ladies I knew they'd be a blast to work with. Kelly is currently in high school but you wouldn't be able to tell right off the bat. Her maturity level shines right through and you could swear she's definitely over 19! Maybe that's why Kelly is her class president who goes above and beyond not only for her school but for her community as well and she's so humble about it. It speaks volumes when someone does so much and asks for nothing in return and that's definitely Kelly. We explored the cool alleyways and streets in downtown Providence and walked away with some pretty awesome photos. It was definitely a session to remember. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!