Ashley & Patrick Part I - Providence, RI Engagement Session

Last month we had some crazy freezing temperatures. One day it was beautiful out, the next day is was below zero. Luckily, we all survived the brave weather and made it to March. 

Ashley & Patrick, a 2016 couple of mine who are celebrating their big day this upcoming New Year's Eve had this amazing engagement session idea that they wanted to recreate. One part of the session would be shot in the summer and one in the winter. Patrick would lead Ashley to a spot to propose to her in the summer and then magically it would transform into winter. I loved the idea! After playing around with a few different ideas, we chose to photograph the winter part first. We had to be careful in choosing a date. We wanted snow to be on the ground, and we honestly hopped it would snow during the session but instead we endured below zero degree weather! It was super fun though. We had to be quick so we didn't freeze our tushes off and we had to somehow keep warm, especially when you're in a dress. Luckily, we all went to a local spot afterwards for some dinner. 

I had a blast Ashley & Patrick, I can't wait for part two! 

With love,