RI Maternity Photographer: Louie, Tanna & Liam

I first met Tanna & Louie a year ago where they contacted me to capture their 1 year anniversary. We had a blast at Lincoln State Woods on a beautiful March day.  A year later, Tanna contacted me again with some big news. I remember I got a text from her saying "RYAN. GUESS WHAT!" And at first, I thought maybe she wanted to get her second anniversary photographed, but her news was much more exciting than that. She had a baby boy on the way, and it was time to capture the next chapter of their story together. 

Liam can't have better parents than these two. They are two of the most loving, kind, clients I know and Liam is blessed to call them Mommy & Daddy. With just two weeks to go, it'll be any day now that they welcome him to this world. 

I am so blessed to be a photographer and capture moments like these on camera. Photos that Tanna, Louie and Liam will look back on when he's 20, and say "wow, look how big your belly was mom!" My job is seriously awesome.