Julianne & Douglas | Newport, RI Winter Wedding

a year ago, I got an phone call from Hawaii. Now usually, I would ignore the call thinking it's some telemarketer trying to sell me something but, I felt dangerous enough to pick up. To my surprise, it was Julianne, a RI native, now living in Hawaii with Douglas, her husband-to-be. She explained her day to me...A beautiful christmas & winter themed wedding in December in lovely Newport, RI. I was immediately excited. It's not common for me to photograph anybody in the winter, never mind a wedding! She quickly put me in touch with her awesome mom, Cathy and the rest was history.

You might be thinking to yourself: "Why would a couple who lives in Hawaii want a winter wedding in Newport, RI?" I asked myself that too...Until Cathy & Julianne told me the whole story. Back in March 2003, Julianne was having a drink downtown, when in walked Doug, all dressed up in his navy uniform. A few drinks later and well, the rest was history. It was only fitting that they brought their friends and family together where they first met and fell in love. We even stopped by the bar where it all happened! 

I had a blast with these two. They were so laid back, easy going, and so kind! Thank you all who put together this beautiful day. It was the perfect way to end 2015.


Ryan DeVoll1 Comment