Topstone Golf Course Wedding | CT Wedding Photographer

I met Victoria way back when I was still attending Hallmark Institute of Photography. At that time, she was a hair stylist at a local salon and we had worked together on a few projects for her portfolio and for mine. Fast forward 4 years later, I received an email from her and I couldn't have been more excited because she not only was a client of mine in the past, but a friend. 

Steven & her are a bunch of fun. I couldn't tell you how many times I cracked up laughing doing their formals. There's two are goofballs and I love it.  Their wedding came out beautiful considering that Topstone hasn't done a wedding in over 10 years. You would have never noticed. All the floral arrangements and decor Victoria and her family came together and made. So yes, it's totally possible. The dress and vail was even handmade by her grandmother. These ladies have some skill let me tell you.

Congratulations you two. Love you both!

Thanks again to Topstone Golf Course in Ct for making this a beautiful day for Steven & Victoria!