Class of 2015 In Review

High school seniors have always been a huge part of Ryan DeVoll Photography. They were one of the biggest parts of my studio when I first came back from school, photographing anywhere from 30-50 of them a year. Now, I get to photograph a few selective seniors who are more like friends of mine vs. clients. The whole "why" behind what I do stemmed from me getting my photograph taken in school. It was cookie cutter, everyone had the same photo, the same lighting and there was no personality in any of those photos. Your senior photo should be different from everybody else's. It should stand out, reflect you and showcase who you are. 

These three just graduated this past weekend, so let's give it up for them! Congratulations! You did it! Now, your onto adulthood. Enjoy your summer and stay in touch!

With love,


Studying General Studies at Bristol Community College while pursing her amazing music career.




Studying Journalism at the American University in DC.

Courtney dzialo

Studying Psychology at Framingham State University