Ashley & Wale | MA Engagement Session

Well, I don't know about you but I honestly can't believe it's Christmas next week! The sun in shinning in the studio, it's about 55 degrees outside and the ground isn't filled with that fluffy white stuff we call snow. A few weeks ago I got together with Ashley & Wale to photograph them for their Lovebird Session! At first, we thought we'd do an indoor session since it was getting a bit chilly out, but then they were convinced that an outdoor session was the way to go! The weather didn't agree with them though. After rescheduling thanks to rain, we ended up having the session on a GORGEOUS fall day. 

Although they were a bit nervous about getting their pictures taken, they seriously had nothing to worry about. These two were definitely models in their past lives - they rocked their session and walked away with some seriously stunning fall photographs. Who says you can make winter/fall session look good? All you need is two beautiful people in love and no matter what you do, the photos will come out stunning.