Senior Portrait: Savanah | MA Senior Portrait Photographer

Wow. What a week it's been.

This past weekend, I photographed Danielle & Jorge's Lovebird Session, Nicole & Michael's Walt Disney Themed Wedding (I know!) and, I just wrapped up my cousin Alexis's senior session. I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to blog! So without further ado meet: Savanah.

Savannah and I met a while back when I photographed her sister, Jenna for her senior portraits. At that time, I think Savannah might have been in 7th or 8th grade so it's been awhile. I actually photographed Savannah shortly after Jenna since their mom wanted professional photos of both of them :). Savannah hasn't changed one bit. She's still as spunky, fun, and upbeat as I remembered her to be. Her sister Jenna hasn't changed either! These two are like family to me. I love it when I can go to a photo shoot and just feel like I'm photographing two family members. Here's some of my favorites from our time together.